The Evangelists are evolving. Armed with technology and a prosperity-driven message, conservative congregations are super-sizing. The megachurch model of Christianity is alive, well, and mulitplying...even in the notoriously 'unchurched' Pacific Northwest. Rosemary Garner is senior producer for GodAwesome, an independent feature-length documentary that captures a week in the hectic life of one Northwest megachurch. The film was named "Most Controversial Feature" by the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

Two-hour acclaimed international special exploring the history and legacy of vaudeville. As producer, Rosemary Garner traveled extensively throughout the country to interview former vaudevillians and locate archival film and photos for this million dollar documentary. Vaudeville: An American Masters Special is a co-production with WNET in New York.

The Meaning of Food is a three-part series looking at social and cultural aspects of food and food sharing traditions. As segment producer, Rosemary used a PD-150 digital camera to shoot and produce produce award-winning, verite style story about a single father's loss and how he carries on the memory of his wife.

Serious Money is a studio-based series exploring regional business news, personal investment strategies and consumer issues. Rosemary Garner produced weekly talk show and field pieces from 2003-2006.