The Evangelists are evolving. Armed with technology and a prosperity-driven message, conservative congregations are super-sizing. The megachurch model of Christianity is alive, well, and mulitplying...even in the notoriously 'unchurched' Pacific Northwest. Rosemary Garner is senior producer for GodAwesome, an independent feature-length documentary that captures a week in the hectic life of one Northwest megachurch. The film was named "Most Controversial Feature" by the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

KUOW film critic Robert Horton wrote, "GodAwesome hums with the same energy that erupts out of Champions Centre every Sunday, as one week in the God business is skillfully tracked. The film admirably allows us to make up our own minds about Pastor Kevin Gerald's Wal-Mart approach to church-going. GodAwesome doesn't look down on its feel-good ministers, but lets their glitzy approach speak for itself."

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